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[About Us - Our Story Page] Our Story

Our Story

For the Wellbeing of Every Hive

[About Us - Our Story Page] Our Origins
A mother and her daughter smiling at each other and holding pinkies

Our Origins

Founded by a Father and Pediatrician

Zarbee’s® was founded in 2008 by father and pediatrician Dr. Zak Zarbock, who was inspired by nature and guided by science to seek new ways to help his kids and patients.

Dr. Zak aspired to bring effective wellness solutions to life for his kids and patients. His very first product was a honey-based cough syrup for kids made with simple ingredients like vitamin C and zinc, and free of alcohol, dyes and artificial sweeteners and flavors.

The result is Zarbee’s®, the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Cough Syrup Brand in the U.S. For Babies & Children 12 & Under.*

Beginning in 2023, we are excited to be bringing the buzz to Canada!

* ProVoice Custom HCP Survey, May 2023

[About Us - Our Story Page] Our Philosophy
A close up of a honeycomb

Our Philosophy

Made with effective ingredients backed by science

At Zarbee's®, we know the health of your family means everything. That's why everything we do is for the love of helping to care for your hive.

We believe in the pure genius of nature, the discipline of science, and a commitment to high standards. That's how we bring you wellness solutions with quality and effective medicinal ingredients. It's who we are and what we do every day, meticulously and passionately, for the wellbeing of all.

[About Us - Our Story Page] Our Products
Zarbee's® range of baby and children's products sitting on a table in a living room


Effective Ingredients Backed by Science

Starting with our very first product, we've defined ourselves by what goes into a Zarbee's® bottle, and just as importantly, what does not.

Purposefully selected medicinal ingredients backed by science, including honey and elderberry, form the backbone of our products.

What you won’t find in our solutions are alcohol, dyes, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavours.

[About Us - Our Story Page] Committed to your Hive
A dad, a mum laying on bed with their new born baby

Committed to your Hive

Our commitment is to help care for your hive, because everything we do is for the love of well-beeing™. The honey in our products is primarily sourced from California and the American Midwest where bees collect nectar from buckwheat, and Southeast Asia where bees feast on wildflowers.

[About Us - Our Story Page] How we care
Multgeneration family with young kids walking along the beach

How we care

Dr. Zarbock understood that health is an ecosystem. One that needs to be nurtured and supported in the mind and body, the family, and the natural world.
From the very beginning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting wellness solutions with effective ingredients to help you keep your hive going.
We know that one person’s health impacts everyone else’s, whether that be at home, school, the office, or beyond. That’s why Zarbee’s® is now in Canada with cough syrups to soothe sore throats, and immunity syrups to support growing immune systems.